Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sure-Fit Design Muslin Blouse

A few months ago I purchased the Sure-Fit Designs system.  I am always on the lookout for a better fitting pattern and this might fit the bill.  I like the fact that I can create a blueprint that will work for all patterns whether I draft them myself off the blueprint or put under a commercial pattern to ensure better fit. I also love the fact that the company is based out of Eugene, Oregon where I used to live and still have many dear friends. 

This is the first muslin using the Dress Kit.  The fabric was picked up fairly cheap at Hancock's a few years ago.  Since I was making a wearable muslin, I added some trim to the center front to give the muslin some personality. Dressing this up for work, it was paired with white crop pants, a yellow cardigan and orange sandals.  Pretty cute and received complements on my new top.  I am still working on fitting tweaks but this is closer than I have gotten in a while with fit.

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