Monday, March 25, 2013

Fabulous Fit Retreat Review

I think I mentioned that I was attending the Fabulous Fit Retreat in February and am just now getting around to writing a review.  We lucked out in that usually there are at least 6-8 people in the retreat and for some reason, most dropped out at the last minute so there were only two of us.  The retreat was put on by Conselle Institute for Image Management and the teachers were Judith Rasband, co-author of one of the best fitting books:

Personal Wardrobe: Fitting and Pattern Alteration

and Loraine Henry, an excellent fitting instructor that appears at most of the sewing expos

Lorraine Henry

We went through the entire book, Fitting and Pattern Alteration in the five and a half day retreat.  In addition to learning how to make tweaks to a pattern by altering using the seam method, we ended up with a perfectly fitting sloper for a bodice, skirt and pants.  I have been sewing since grade school but had never taken a class in fitting and this was well worth the time and money.  I now know why my garments haven't been fitting and can't wait to start sewing garments I love again..

We also learned about different body types and clothing styles that flatter for each of the body types.  Judith gave several lectures on building wardrobe clusters and clothes that flatter.  I came home evaluating the clothes in my closet to make sure I was wearing them and that they weren't wearing me and that they were flattering.

This was my first sewing education vacation I have given myself and plan to do this again.  I highly recommend this retreat.


  1. What a great retreat. You couldn't plan a better one even if you tried. That's such a great fitting reference too.
    I'm in awe.

  2. I would love to attend this some day so I really appreciate your review!